Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Guide

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No restaurant can beat the structure of your Meal Plans, but I know you’re not going to eat every meal at home—and sometimes it’s just nice to go out!

When you do eat out, use this Restaurant Guide to make smart choices and remember YOU are in control of what you order and how much of it you eat. 

Know what to order - and what to avoid - at your favorite restaurants.

Several healthy options at each restaurant... 


>> 49 popular fast food and sit-down restaurants

>> Guidance on what to choose if your restaurant is NOT on the list

>> Tips to help you stay on track while eating out: You CAN still lose weight while enjoying a night out once in a while! 

>> A MUST KNOW list of what NOT to order and what to request INSTEAD 

+PLUS: DESSERT OPTIONS at some of your favorite places! 

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